A Windstorm, A Wedding, and A Wind-down


September 30, 2012 by lytlejoc


After a bit of a hiatus (which I’m sure you’ll forgive me for, shortly), I’m not even sure where to start.

Somewhereabouts the middle of September on a rather rainy night, we shut Toby into his cage and crawled into our camper bed.  I jolted awake to a terrific crash, and thinking that Toby had somehow managed to undo his gate and tumble out of his bunk, I vaulted over Scott and dog to dig him out of the rubble… only to find him sleeping, blissfully unaware that anything was wrong. It was a dark as a stack of black cats, but I could tell by feel that the gate was still in place and a flash of lightening illuminated his little self curled peacefully in the corner. Completely confused, I staggered back to bed and fell fitfully back to sleep beneath peals of thunder and buckets of rain hammering on the roof.

This is not what we were thinking when we discussed relocation.

The next morning, we discovered that our “living room” (aka screen tent) had blown onto the roof of our camper. Scott also found that pools of water had begun to accumulate on the floor at some point in the night. Just to make things more interesting, the power had pretty much run out since the day before had been devoid of sunshine. We were soaked and tired and our food was beginning to rot in the fridge.

Scott looked at me. I looked at him.

He said, “We’re going to find a place to rent for October 1st.”

The very next day, thanks to the proprietor of the local restaurant/convenience store/post office/movie rental hub where we collected our water, we had found a crookedy four bedroom farmhouse at a ridiculously low rental price just three minutes away from our cottage by the sea. The landlady even let us move in right away, free of charge for the remainder of the month with the arrangement that she could store some things in one of our rooms. We didn’t have power until a week later (thanks a lot, NS Power), but we were at least able to move in and clean up, and when I finally flipped that breaker switch and had unlimited power and running water, I all but kissed the walls of that tipsy little house.

Clutches and dresses and flowers, oh my!

Three days later, my younger sister got married. She is basically the next Martha Stewart and so her wedding was the mother of all handmade weddings. She ordered all of our bridesmaid dresses online and tailored them to fit us herself, and she made adorable clutch purses for us to carry instead of flowers.

Her beautiful bouquet.

She handmade a cloth bridal bouquet. She hunted down all the decorations for the barn in which she was married and then both supervised and participated in the decorating just three hours before the wedding. Some of my quaint old mason jars and vinegar jugs that we salvaged from the house made an appearance in keeping with her vintage theme.


Rather than a large wedding cake, she had our sister make 200 cupcakes which we all decorated together in her wedding colors, but then she also made a small cake (covered in fondant and beautifully decorated) just to have something on which to sit the cake toppers.

This is where I came in. She had fallen in love with two little lovebird cake toppers that she found on Pinterest and of course, I looked at them and thought, “We could do that!” While I won’t pretend that the quality of ours equaled the inspiration, I can nonetheless say that ours were ridiculously cute… despite the fact that the groom sunk into the cake because it was soft and his legs were just so skinny. Didn’t counterbalance him quite right, I guess.

Mr. and Mrs. Bird.

So Tracy made the accessories and I took care of the birds themselves. Scott was watching me make them one day and he said, “Are you making her wedding cake toppers out of toilet paper and glue??” and yes. Yes I was. The bodies were wadded up wrapping tissue over which I layered a few strips of paper before shaping them the way I wanted by lumping tp and watered down glue over the whole thing (if you’ve ever watched Art Attack, you may be familiar with the technique which he calls “The Messy Bit”). The legs were masking taped on and then the whole thing got a layer of particularly colored paper, painted faces, and a coat of varnish. Aside from waiting for the twain to dry in between layers (which I did in the oven. But make sure you tell people they’re there if you take this tack… almost had roasted love birds a few times), they really didn’t take that long. They were easier than I thought they would be and I can definitely see myself employing this skill in the future. Yay for paper mache!

Now that the wonderful madness of the wedding is over, I sort of feel like I don’t quite know what to do with myself… but mostly because I have way too much to do. While I set up our farmhouse and try to raise my kid and mull over which crafty project is next, Scott is still plugging away at the seaside cottage and is finally beginning the process of getting the electrical  in. Slowly. But surely. People keep saying, “You must be SO glad to get into a house!” and while I certainly am — there is nothing like going without to make you appreciate something — I find myself daft enough to be homesick for the grounds and the familiarity of our little house and camper. I all honesty, had we not had a baby to think about, I might just still be happily camping.

Then again… maybe I wouldn’t. It’s awfully easy to say that from a comfy couch in a warm house thrumming with electricity.


One thought on “A Windstorm, A Wedding, and A Wind-down

  1. Margaret Hynes Dominie says:

    Jocelyn,what a great story,just like a fairy tale.not to mention the wedding all made with your creative hands.it was an absolutely beautiful wedding,made even more special because you put it all together.i am saddened that i couldn’t attend you beautiful wedding,but on the other hand i an happy that your beautiful day went off without a hitch.wishing you a life of happiness,and peace.

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